Another week, another post with my favorite YouTube videos!

So this past week I’ve been a bit busy with my internship and trying to survive in the trip digit weather in Davis. As a result, I slacked in the YouTube department (shocking AND sad), but it’s hard to focus on opening a tab and watching short clips when all I want to do is sleep because it’s the least physically demanding activity. However, I did have the time and concentration to watch these amazing clips!

The first one isn’t a new clip at all; in fact, it’s been around since the beginnings of YouTube and has been somewhat of an Internet meme, with various forms floating throughout the Internet (one of my favorite gifs is the Super Mario version of this dance). I happened to watch ‘Maury’ this past week and this led to an intense ‘Maury’ clip watching session on YouTube. This show used to be my after school entertainment for most of middle school and the beginning of high school and still remains as one of the most hilarious and entertaining hours on television. I still have trouble believing that Maury is married to renowned journalist Connie Chung. What do they talk about at the dinner table? So strange. Anyway, this video is one of the BEST moments on Maury ever, made even better by the addition of Outkast’s “The Way You Move.”

If you want more amazing Maury moments, do yourself a favor and check out the Holy Maury Mother of God tumblr. It’s a goldmine for Maury macros and gifs and it’s one of the best things on the Internet.

The next one occurred a few hours ago at the BET Awards. Basically, this girl, Tiffany Green, won a contest to present the Viewers Choice award and had to use the HTC Evo 4g tablet to announce the winner. There’s speculation that BET purposely put Chris Brown on the tablet, but had Rihanna’s name on the teleprompter in order to confuse her and drum up some publicity. Well, it worked because the moment is awkward. Drake came out to accept the award, but it’s still unclear who the actual winner is (Chris Brown? I don’t really care, to be honest). I love the face she makes at :43 and the repeated use of “This is awkward.”

The last video is also very recent. This past weekend, the Glastonbury Festival took place in lovely England and it’s been lots of fun watching all the performances online no, not really…it’s just made me even more jealous of everyone there. Beyonce closed out the festival Sunday night as the first female headliner in several years! She definitely proved herself as a worthy headliner by dancing, singing, and jumping all over the stage. During “Halo,” she briefly interacted with the crowd, much to the annoyance of her bodyguard who looked as though he was going to have a heart attack each time someone touched her. I spent an embarrassing amount of time watching her entire set on YouTube, some of the videos multiple times, but I am not ashamed to admit that I would’ve killed to see this in person! People may fault her for not writing her own songs or using a backing track, but you have to admit…GURL CAN PERFORM.

This is the Destiny’s Child/”Telephone” medley from the Glastonbury set and it’s so good. I wasn’t a huge fan of Destiny’s Child but a lot of their songs are insanely catchy and just fun to dance to. Plus it brings me back to the good ol’ days of the late 1990s/early 2000s. Look for the references to obsolete technology in “Bug a Boo.” It made me laugh. I wonder if those born post 1995 have any idea what she’s singing about?


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