Old habits die hard. I’m a huge procrastinator and tend to be forgetful. No surprises that I completely forgot to make my YouTube post last week! Luckily, this week has been pretty huge! Well, for Harry Potter fans anyway. Apologies if you’re not a huge Harry Potter fan because this post will consist of HP related videos. This is mostly due to the fact that last movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 is coming out next week! As a diehard fan, this is incredibly bittersweet; I’m excited to see the film adaptation, but very sad that this era is coming to an end. Nevertheless, Harry Potter movie time means lots of Harry Potter interviews on YouTube time.

First up, the world premiere was held on Thursday in London’s Trafalgar Square and it was a massive event, with fans traveling from all over the world and camping out to secure their spots at the very last HP movie premiere. I watched the stream in the CoHo on campus and started getting teary-eyed when they showed a montage of fans who spoke about their love for HP. I’m not going to lie, it was embarrassing trying to make sure no one getting coffee or eating nearby could see me welling up. However, that was nothing compared to my reaction to the speeches made by JK Rowling and her beloved trio towards the end of the event. It was apparent that, although the trio are branching out into different and more mature projects, they are very grateful for being apart of the franchise that has propelled them into stardom. Emma Watson and JK Rowling’s speeches in particular made me cry because there was genuine emotion dripping in each word. I loved Ruper Grint’s speech as well, if only because he didn’t utter a single “kind of” or “sort of” (he’s actually my favorite, but isn’t the greatest at public speaking IMO). Watch the video and get those tissues ready.

Now about Rupert Grint. He’s my favorite member of the, as some fans are calling it now, “Holy Trinity” because he seems like the most laid-back and the most fun to hang out with. I mean the guy has an ice cream truck and a hovercraft! However, over the past decade or so, he seems to have become somewhat of an introvert and closed off. In older interviews, he was much more talkative and excitable, but recently he’s appeared quieter and frequently drops “kind of” or “sort of” instead of giving, I guess, more definitive answers to questions. This was explored in a really great article/interview by the Guardian (here) recently and the interviewer notes how difficult it is to get Rupert to answer questions. Is it because he’s grown wary of the press or is it because he’s disappointed at his dwindling activity in the films? It’s definitely something to think about, especially since Ron in the films has become comedic relief when in the books he’s an important character who teaches Harry, not just about the wizard world, but about friendship, loyalty, and family. But anyway, I went on a bit of a tangent there when I really wanted to talk about the following video. The article linked to a video of the trio in one of their first screen tests for Sorcerer’s Stone . It’s crazy to think of how fast time has gone looking at this video. It makes me feel really old, when I’m actually the same age as the trio! Look for Emma Watson mouthing the boys’ lines. It’s hilarious and adorable!

Finally, we have “Harry Potter – A Look Back” from WarnerBrothers themselves. It’s a great summary clip of all the past films. It’s also nice to see how the films have grown from literal adaptations to artfully crafted films (to be honest, I’m being a bit generous but I think you get what I mean!). You’ll also get a glimpse of just how many amazing British actors have put their mark on the Harry Potter films. I love seeing how the trio have grown up over the past decade; I still can’t believe they started when they were 10/11/12 and are now 21/22/23. Essentially, I’ve grown up with the books AND this cast. It’s stupid, but I’ll always remain attached to this trio, this “Holy Trinity.”


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