If My Life Were a Movie

…it’d actually be really boring. But isn’t that why we love movies? We watch films to escape for two hours, to travel to another place, to experience something different, to go back in time, or to relive our past. It’s amazing how you can watch a film from your childhood years later and be instantly transported to the first time you sat in wonder and wanted to rewind the VHS tape and then recreate scenes with your friends and siblings. Or you could see a film years later and realize it’s not as good as you thought at the age of 9, but due to sentimental value, IT’S THE BEST MOVIE EVER.

One of the best things I love about films is the usage of music (in fact, the best class/my favorite class I ever took in college was History of Film Music; it also helped that it was the only class in college I ever got an A+ in) A song can completely change the mood of a scene or emphasize it. It can add tension or fill the void of a moment that needed that extra oomph. Most of moments that I remember from my favorite movies have a song playing in the background and I’m sure I’m not the only one who links a great scene’s emotions, actions, or dialogue with a song. I’m definitely one of those losers who wishes their boring, everyday lives had great songs underscoring every pivotal moment. So, I’ve come up with another fabulouuuuus playlist. This time it’s 18 songs that I would want on my own personal soundtrack if my life ever became interesting enough to draw in the crowds at the theater. Enjoy!



CLICK THE DIRECT LINK: http://8tracks.com/rainbowtomatoe/in-the-movies

1. Be My Baby – The Ronettes (“Mean Streets”)
2. 80s Celebration – The Reduction Agents (“Eagle vs Shark”)
3. Naive – Lily Allen (“Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging”)
4. Miserlou – Dick Dale (“Pulp Fiction”)
5. Solar Sailor – Daft Punk (“Tron Legacy”)
6. Star Wars Theme – John Williams (“Star Wars”)
7. Black Sheep – Metric (“Scott Pilgrim vs the World”)
8. L’Arena – Ennio Morricone (“Il mercenario”/”Kill Bil Vol 2”)
9. Molossus – Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard (“Batman Begins”/”The Dark Knight”)
10. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap [“(500) Days of Summer”]
11. The Winner Is – DeVotchKa (“Little Miss Sunshine”)
12. Moon River – Audrey Hepburn (“Breakfast At Tiffany’s”)
13. Sea of Love – Cat Power (“Juno”)
14. Just Like Honey – The Jesus and Mary Chain (“Lost in Translation”)
15. Married Life – Michael Giacchino (“Up”)
16. Pull Shapes – The Pipettes (“Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging”)
17. This is the One – The Stone Roses (“Eagle vs Shark”)
18. Leaving Hogwarts – John Williams (“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”)

Also, I just wanted to add this bit in. Amy Winehouse passed away today, sadly. She was clearly very ill and it’s a shame that someone with so much talent passed away so young. I wasn’t the biggest fan of hers but I’ve always thought her voice was amazing. I think the A.V Club did a really nice write up on her life and career, which you can read over here.

I don’t think song was on any soundtrack, but I’d definitely want it on my own soundtrack. Really great performance. RIP Amy Winehouse.


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