Boom badoom boom bass

Happy slightly early Labor Day everyone! I’m definitely happy to have Monday off tomorrow, but I’m equally sad because the arrival of Labor Day usually means that summer is coming to an end. At the beginning of this summer, I made a list of things I wanted to do and naturally, about two things on that list were actually accomplished (buy plane tickets and figure out internship stuff). One of the more embarrassing and trivial things on my list was to learn all the words to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass.’ Yes, that’s right. That was my goal and now that summer’s ending, I would say I’m satisfied with my progress. That song was one of my favorite songs this summer and it inspired me to put together this post of my summer jams. Here we go!

5. ‘Florescent Adolescence’ – Arctic Monkeys

This song is actually fair old, but I became obsessed with it this summer after watching Arctic Monkeys perform on Lollapalooza stream. It’s mostly due to that beginning riff…bonus points if you know which of my favorite shows frequently uses it! More bonus points if you know who the director of the music video is! Thanks to the wonder of Spotify, it played on repeat as I went through various internship duties and it always pumped me up in the mornings. I got to see Artic Monkeys perform at Outside Lands and this was definitely a highlight. Maybe my Fall goal will be to lean all the words to this song…the whole song’s a tongue twister!

4. ‘Lost in the World’ – Kanye West

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of rap or hip hop…I enjoy certain songs or artists, but it’s not like I actively seek it out. However, I really like Kanye West. Not only is he one of the more amusing entertainers out there, he puts out music that isn’t just aimed at the club/party crowd. I like my dancey music (if you know me at all, you know I really like my guilty pleasures), but it gets tiring hearing the same recycled beat in every song or the ubiquitous “PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” in EVERY SINGLE SONG. Yeah, I’m actually driving right now, so no, I don’t want to put up my hands, thanks. This song was another one that I blasted almost every day this summer to get me through spreadsheets, emails, and more. I think it’s a great usage/sampling of Bon Iver and to all the bitter Bon Iver fans commenting all over the video on Youtube, at least the song’s putting his music out in the mainstream and hey, maybe there’ll be more Bon Iver fans because of this song. Anyway, I absolutely love ‘Lost in the World’. I am terrible at writing about music, but there’s something about this song when the beat drops and when the female vocals come in. Ugh, it is just SO GOOD! This song actually makes me want to go running in the woods or something, which is impressive in itself because I hate running! Good job, Kanye. You may be a egomaniac, but you know how to make great music.

3. ‘Show Me Lights’ – Friendly Fires

Thank you Spotify! Friendly Fires has always shown up in my recommendations on Last.FM so I’m glad I finally listened to their album ‘Pala’. It’s a great album, especially if you’re into dancey rock like I am. ‘Show Me Lights’ is definitely my favorite on the album! I love the drums, brass and the 80s feel this song has. It almost reminds me a bit of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Futuresex/Lovesounds’ and I think that’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. It’s got a gritty pop/dance feel along with the indie and electro sounds. Oh jeez, I’m just awful at this whole describing music business, but seriously, this track is fantastic. This one was one I put on repeat every morning as I walked to the bus stop and put back on repeat at the end of the day.

2. ‘Helena Beat’ – Foster the People

Can someone explain to me just how Foster the People blew up so quickly? I remember when Kev from Two Door Cinema Club mentioned them in a tweet back in March or April about playing ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ for a DJ gig or whatever and then over the summer, their song shot up the charts and it’s now number 3 on the Billboard 100 last I checked. INSANE. I got to see them as well at Outside Lands and because I was in the front and I’m short I had no idea how large their crowd was until I watched the videos on YouTube. They put on an amazing show and while I enjoyed their music before, I became a huge fan afterwards. They seemed to genuinely enjoy performing and were very happily surprised by the huge crowd that came out to sing and dance to their music. They were recently nominated for a VMA so I’m eager to see this band become even more successful. It definitely seems they’ve already wooed the overseas crowds! I love ‘Pumped Up Kicks’, but the entire album, ‘Torches’, is unbelievably catchy. Please do yourself a favor and give it a listen…you don’t even have to pay for it as it’s all on Spotify! I chose ‘Helena Beat’ because it’s the first track on the album and draws you in instantly with its catchy beat, preparing you for about 40 minutes of music that’ll make you want to drop everything and dance.

1. ‘Super Bass’ – Nicki Minaj

How could I mention ‘Super Bass’ and not include it in my list of favorite summer songs?! Come on, anyone who knows me knows this has been my muthafuckin’ jam all summer long. This song completely snuck up on me because I was mostly indifferent to it when it first came out, but the night I went out with my friends before graduation weekend, this song came on and I lost it…as in, my shit. This song is so fun to dance and sing along to, who wouldn’t have this on their list of summer songs?! Remember when I mentioned my dislike for songs telling me to “put my hands up” when I’m driving? This song actually makes me dance while I’m in the driver’s seat, dangerous I know, but I can’t help it! It’s the only mainstream/Top 40 song I’ve enjoyed this summer and I’m pretty sure it’ll define summer 2011. It’s so sweet and catchy and the video is super cute! I’ll even admit that I’ve tried to learn some of Nicki’s sweet booty poppin’ moves from the video (it’s hard) and hey guess what, one of my favorite directors approves of the song too, which makes it 10343437483787 cooler.


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