New Florence + the Machine song!

Florence + the Machine at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Taken by me!

I’m a massive fan of Florence + the Machine; her album Lungs was my soundtrack for most of 2010 and to this day, it’s one of my most played albums on iTunes. It’s just been announced that her new album, Ceremonials comes out this Halloween and she’s already released the tracklisting, which you can check out here. She released “What the Water Gave Me” a few weeks ago, and while I enjoy the song, it didn’t blow me away like her older material. However, last night, her new song “Shake it Out” leaked and I was a very excited fangirl. The song features an epic chorus and plenty of drums and organ. Give the song a listen and prepare for it to take over the airwaves, much like her past singles. I can’t wait to see her perform this song live! It’s going to be crazy!

Bonus video! One of my favorite Florence + the Machine live videos!


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