“Viva Forever!”…also known as THE SPICE GIRLS MUSICAL!!!

Although I was technically born in the 80s (1989!), I grew up in the 1990s and the core majority of my childhood was spent watching Nickelodeon, collecting stickers in my Sanrio sticker book, reading Baby-Sitters Club/Harry Potter, and obsessing over Titanic and a fabulous girl group known as the Spice Girls.

My love for Titanic has waned (partly because of Leo not aging as nicely as we’d all hoped), but my love for the Spice Girls has always remained. I think most kids who spent their elementary school years in the late 90s can attest to the power Victoria, Emma, Geri, Mel B, and Mel C had over us. Who didn’t play Spice Girls on the playground? Spice Girls lollipops were treasures to us bearing a special sticker, hopefully with the letter you needed to complete the world “SPICE.” Sometimes the teacher was kind enough to play some kid’s “Spice World” CD in class. Platform shoes were so trendy. Everyone had a favorite Spice Girl (mine was Baby), even if you weren’t a fan. And the movie to watch back in the 3rd grade was Spice World. Most importantly, the Spice Girls embodied friendship and “GIRL POWER!” I cannot stress how important those two ideals are to have, especially as young girls growing up. Sure, there were probably skeptics who scoffed at the idea of these fabulous ladies preaching “Girl Power!” but I can tell you that it definitely influenced many of my classmates as we paraded around the playground, held up the V sign, and shouted the phrase at anyone who stood in our way.

Like most major pop acts, the hype had to die down eventually and I still remember how shocked I was when I found out that Geri left the group. Things really weren’t the same afterwards, but at least the Spice Girls knew when it was time to end things. They did reunite in 2008 for a tour (I’m still sad that I didn’t get tickets to see them…thank you, finals), but got together for the first time since then to launch their musical, Viva Forever! As someone who watched Jersey Boys three times (yeah, not sure what I was thinking) and enjoyed Mamma Mia (the film version), I am so excited about this news. This musical will probably be the closest thing I get to seeing the Spice Girls in concert. I’m almost positive the tears will flow freely if/when I watch it, no matter what the story’s like. Judging from this video though, it definitely seems like a tearjerker.

A story about friendship and a mother and a daughter? Definitely bringing tissues with me.


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