A Summer Mix – JEAH~~~

A quick post (I still need to put together a post about the Olympics, which I miss everyday) for a very short mix of songs I’ve really liked or listened to a lot this summer. I haven’t made one of these in awhile and making this one made me realize I haven’t been listening to a lot of new music recently. If anyone has suggestions, please throw them my way!

Anyway, here we go:

living in a state of dreaming

1. The State of Dreaming – Marina and the Diamonds

2. Portions for Foxes – Rilo Kiley

3. What Makes You Da One (One Direction vs Rihanna) – DJ Nico (I think…I ripped it from YouTube)

4. Keep It For Your Own – POP ETC

5. Us – Azealia Banks

6. Lazuli – Beach House

7. Spectrum – Florence + the Machine

8. Radioactive – Marina and the Diamonds

9. Esta Noche- Azealia Banks


(I am also super excited that 8tracks mixtapes can now be embedded on WordPress! Maybe now I’ll make more mixes.)


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