What I Learned Over Winter Break

Because learning never stops OKAY

  • The Aladdin show at Disney’s California Adventure is still the best place to take a nap in the parks. It’s heated/air conditioned, dark, and has comfy chairs. Obviously this only applies when you have seen the show before because it actually is a really great adaptation of the movie and the guy who plays Genie improvises (I think) and it’s great. 
  • It’s a really bad idea to go to Disneyland without checking their Twitter to see if it’s a busy day. Imagine a normal day at Disneyland…then multiple that crowd by 10.
  • Davey Havok from the band AFI, or some guy who looks suspiciously like him, eats at Urth Cafe.
  • The new Ke$ha album is actually really, REALLY catchy.
  • Breaking Bad is really great and actually deserving of the hype.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio never getting awards/recognition is one of my favorite running jokes.
  • They still play Drake and Josh reruns on Nickelodeon.
  • Catfish is absolutely hilarious only because you sit there going “WHY DID YOU NOT USE SKYPE? DID YOU REALLY THINK IT WAS NORMAL TO NOT TALK TO THIS PERSON ON THE PHONE? GIRL YOU LIVE 15 MINUTES AWAY FROM THIS PERSON AND DIDN’T THINK IT WAS WEIRD YOU NEVER MET IN PERSON? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF GOOGLE?!” and so on. Also it somehow doesn’t phase the Catfish people that some girl pretended to be a guy on Facebook for two years so she could distract her boyfriend’s other chick (hay Mhissy hay).
  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World (one of my favorite movies ever btw) is now old enough be shown on basic cable.
  •  Me: “Yeah I think I’d rather now know what other people say about me behind my back…it’s better not to know, I think.”
    Chelsea: “Really? You think so?”
    Me: “Well I guess…”

So the worst thing people say about me behind my back is that I love One Direction.

  • Speaking of 1D, please do yourself a favor and watch their video for “Kiss You.” This video was so Zayn-centric, I was screaming internally for hours. I mean, really, you cannot deny the sheer beauty of his face. To this day, Zayn Malik is literally the most beautiful person I have laid my eyeballs on (and now you know the extent of my thirstiness).

  • I love Simon Amstell for his wittiness and cuteness.  He is the epitome of my dream guy from my 23 14 year old dreams.

  • I haven’t listened to the radio in SO LONG due to not being in a car for months so I’m actually sort of out of touch when it comes to top 40 music. I had no idea that The Lumineers were so popular and only knew their song because it was always at the top of the Spotify charts.
  • American Horror Story is a mess and yet I cannot stop watching. Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, however, are amazing on the show.

  • Glee, on the hand, is still awful. I stopped watching after season 1 and had to watch an episode recently for one of my final projects and thank goodness I stopped when I did because it was SO BAD. Just straight up embarrassing.
  • KOFY-TV plays It’s Always Sunny… reruns and it’s awesome re-watching all of the older episodes, like “Hundred Dollar Baby.”
  • Reddit compiled a playlist of “The 100 Most Beautiful Songs” as voted by their users and it’s pretty solid. I love that “Claire de Lune” is the first song and I think I agree that it’s quite possibly one of, if not the most, beautiful song. But I think I’d also add:
    Camille Saint Saens’ The Swan
    Joe Hisaishi’s One Summer’s Day (from Spirited Away)
    Dario Marianelli’s Liz on Top of the World (from Pride and Prejudice)
    Michael Giacchino’s “Married Life” (from Up)
    Florence + the Machine’s “Bird Song Intro
    Ray Charles and Betty Carter’s “Every Time We Say Goodbye
    The Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby” (also this cover is one of my favorite covers ever)
  • If you’re looking for a cute comedy about female friendships that isn’t HBO’s Girls please check out Some Girls! It’s touted as a female version of The Inbetweeners and in many aspects it is similar (Amber = Neil), but it’s a lot tamer on the gross out humor and is a really genuine show depicting the trials and tribulations of a group of British teen girls. Plus, Saz is me and I am Saz.

  • Quentin Tarantino should stop making cameos in his own movie because it causes me to burst out laughing in the theater and takes me out of the viewing experience.
  • Migue’s “Adorn” is awesome.
  • Not every restaurant Anthony Bourdain goes to is great (case in point: Mission Chinese Food).
  • I am still clinging onto that dream of becoming Yelp Elite.
  • I am also clinging onto that dream that my friend’s friend who is a YouTuber who has connections with BBC Radio will somehow get me to meet One Direction.
  • Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century was made in 1999 and was able to predict the use of iPads and FaceTime way before these technologies came out. Just another reason why this movie is a masterpiece.

  • It’s possible to fall asleep in the middle of Les Miserables and wake up just in time to [SPOILER ALERT] see someone dying in her crush’s arms. It’s also possible to laugh at every character chiming in during a song and then suddenly realize you have no idea who that old guy in the back is. Also possible to just wish a character would hurry up and jump to their death so that the movie could cut a few minutes (I know, I’m horrible).
  • Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” is hella catchy and yes I listened to this song on repeat for three days. No shame.
  • There is an app that is NOT grindr, called jack’d (or something) that gay men can use to find friends and companionship. Again NOT grindr. (I learned this yesterday so yes, you really learn something new everyday!)
  • It’s probably not a good idea to bring small pocket knives into Disneyland.
  • LaCienega, a character from Disney Channel’s The Proud Family, had the last name BOULEVARDEZ. And her mother’s name was SUNSET BOULEVARDEZ. (This seriously made us laugh for like, 10 minutes straight).
  • Somehow my contact information has been given to a hearing aid center (as well as a life alert bracelet company).
  • Lindsay Lohan, who I will always have a soft spot for only because she’s in one of my favorite movies ever, is a mess and really difficult to work with. You can read about it in this New York Times Magazine feature here. It’s a fascinating look into what happens when someone is thrown into show business at a young age, lacks parental support, and is constantly surrounded by enablers.
  • Being at home for a month is actually really awesome.

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