Opening Credit Mash-Ups

This week, Mad Men wrapped up its sixth season and the online/blog world has been spotlighting one particular fan made video in which the show is re-imagined as the early 2000s teen classic, The O.C. But before we move into that, can I make a confession? I’ve been a horrible Mad Men fan this year and have yet to watch this season, minus the first episode (which was really more like a tv movie) which I finally caught two days ago. I know. I know. This is super shameful, especially coming from someone like me who sat on my ass for days on end marathoning the show four summers ago and later spammed my Facebook with not-so-cryptic-actually-probably-were-spoilers statuses and posts. To be honest, I think season 5 just left a bad taste in my mouth with its extreme heavy-handedness and not-so clever imagery. However, I’ve heard this past season has sort of redeemed itself and managed to set up a possible interesting story line. From what I’ve gathered (I’m not a fan of spoilers, okay?!), Don, Megan, Stan, and Ted have headed out to the Best/West Coast, hence the wonderful fan-made mash up below.

This past semester I took a class on digital media and we touched upon the idea of copyrights and constructing creative works based on images or material that have been copyrighted. Fan videos are some of my favorite things to watch, if only because it’s fascinating to see how people can build upon or manipulate an already established piece of work to create something entirely new. When we discussed the issues surrounding copyrighting and the argument over whether creativity is hindered, I immediately thought of fan videos and artwork. YouTube, Tumblr, and DeviantArt are just some of the websites where you can find a multitude of art, videos, and music inspired by various tv shows or books. For many young artists, this is how they begin tapping into their creative skills. If you take the time to search, you’ll find tons of impressive works, much like the Mad Men/The O.C mash-up above. Because I’ve been inspired by the video and the possible cameo appearance by Adam Brody on the next season of Mad Men, here are a few more hilarious and brilliant opening credit mash-ups.

Breaking Bad-1995 Style
Television’s best show (IMO) becomes a hilarious family sitcom that probably later aired on Nick at Nite.

The Walking Dead – 1995 Style
The same youtuber who made the video above, also put that mid-90s touch on everyone’s favorite zombie drama. What channel would this have aired on? Maybe daytime repeats on SyFy?

Game of Thrones – 1995 Style
Okay, let’s continue on with the 90s trend! This would’ve definitely fit in with Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess, probably on WB.

Hannibal – Arrested Development Style
One of my new favorite tv shows this year gets the Bluth treatment. Hannibal would definitely be Lucille Bluth.

The Simpsons – Mad Men Style
Those MM opening credits are iconic so it makes sense that one of the longest running animated shows would put their own spin on it.

Harry Potter – Skins Style
God, how angsty was Order of the Phoenix? To this day, it’s my least favorite HP book because all of that ANGSTTTT. Still, I would watch the new British teen drama featuring Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they deal with who’s sleeping with who, who’s on drugs, who’s being kicked out, etc. No shame. I’m a sucker for trainwrecks. (At least we already know who will die in the season finale!)


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