R.I.P Xanga//Some Gems From My Own Xanga

Years before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even MySpace, the preferred choice for social networking was Xanga. Yes, that blogging website that you either used to detail every single day of your middle or high school experience or used to keep in touch with your friends via comments and eProps. The new crop of social media websites have left Xanga to rot in recent years and now the website is on the verge of shutting down. (You can, however, donate to keep the site afloat if you’re feeling particularly generous and/or nostalgic.) Upon hearing this news, I realized that I had to save and archive my old blog entries! I haven’t been really consistent with updating this blog, or my previous blogspot blog (Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog?), but I was pretty good with updating my Xanga all throughout my four years of high school. I started blogging right as my freshmen year of high school began and kept up with it until the summer before college. I never really look at it anymore, except for the rare night when I’m feeling really nostalgic. So, if you’re like me and want to preserve all of those high school (or middle school) memories of failed tests, first concerts, Quizilla results (YES), movie nights, make sure you create an archive of your entire website!

Due to my embarrassment (and the sheer volume) of the cringe worthy and mundane material found on my Xanga, I’m not going to share the link here (if you do know it, let’s all recognize the brilliance of my username), but I will share some of my best (AKA stupid) entries.

[Side note – please recognize the brilliant foresight in the following post]
Wednesday, September 29, 2004
So I’m sure most of you have heard about the news regarding Conan and Jay Leno and if you haven’t it’s most likely that I’ve told you. I’m so happy for Conan because this is such a huge honor but at the same time I’m worried. Most people who watch the Tonight Show the typical audience for Conan; how would they react to certain things that they do on the show? I’ve read some article in which this idiot (some old guy who watches Jay Leno) says that when Conan takes over “he’s got to stop all that spinning stuff”. What the hell. That’s his trademark! WHAT WOULD CONAN BE LIKE WITHOUT HIS STRING DANCE? HUH?Would Conan have to change? Most celebrities are safe at the Tonight Show (Jay Leno pretty much asks the stupidest questions) but it’s totally different at Late Night. Will Conan have to start acting nicer and stuff?  Plus The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien doesn’t really sound good. Who’s going to take over Late Night? I was watching the Insider (haha. Pat O’Brien. Why did he leave Access Hollywood if he’s just going to move to some other entertainment show? I thought he was “moving up”; remember his coverage of the Olympics on NBC?) and they threw out a bunch of suggestions.People I wouldn’t mind taking over: JON STEWART, JIMMY FALLON, JIMMY KIMMEL.

People I have a problem taking over: CARSON DALY (oh my god please no. *gags* He’s not even funny. What the hell are they going to do with him as a host??). TONY DANZA. (worse than Carson Daly. Please please please God no. Ugh. Thank god his show airs at 3 when I’m still at school).

Well, at least I have 5 years to think about all of this…..

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Do you know how most people are afraid of the dentists?? Well, I’m not afraid of the dentist, but I’m afraid of the optometrist….yup…I’M AFRAID OF THE EYE DOCTOR!!!
Okay, so yesterday after school I went to the optomotrist(how do you spell that??????) and I panicked……because my stupid doctor always seems to purposely (okay….not sure about the spelling..*cough*fanny*cough*…..say my eyesight got worst so she can get more money……(I need a new pair of glasses…get it??)..so I go into the room….and she tests my eyes……then…..*evil music plays* she dialiates my pupils by putting in this yellow stuff….it feels super weird…so she shines a bunch of lights and stuff…which hurts since my puplis are larger……and I go outside to choose my glasses or something…and then….SHE SAYS SHE HAS TO TAKE PICTURES OF MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man…the last time she did this was too years ago and it was not the funnest thing in the world to experience…….I had to put my face into this thing and look directly into this small orange light. Then out of nowhere there is a small green square moving and she tells me to follow it…I follow it and FLASH!!!!!! I experiance a few seconds of blindness……Dude..it hurt cause my pupils (once again) were dialated (anyone know how to spell this?)….so when I closed my eyes I saw this big blue circle….it sucked…….oh yeah….ever notice how amazingly bright flouresent lighting is??? It actually gave me a headache…..

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!! I really hope all of you are/were wearing green today. Or else I’ll have to pinch you!! (seriously, you don’t want me to pinch you. Mwhahaha…)Let’s see…today in Modern World we watched some old German horror film with atonal music (classical music with absolutely no melody). The music was okay in the begininng but after awhile I began to get a headache. The movie was alright; it was silent and you had to read the dialouge and stuff. Oh and somebody painted the film so ocasionally there was a tint of blue, green, or orange.I failed my math test. Stupid upper bound lower bound thingmabobber…grrrr…Yesterday I took the last School of Rock flyer. I might scan it and this time actually try to crop it and make it not sideways.Oh yeah, I got a nose bleed while at Kumon. I hate radicals.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Currently Watching
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
By Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson (II)
see related

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it on Saturday with my dad and my brother. I LOVED IT. IT WAS A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN THE FIRST TWO. (in my opinion.  ) Of course there were things that they skipped and things that were out of place (for example Harry getting his Firebolt at a completely different time) but I think it was okay. (they didn’t explain who Moony, Prongs, Padfoot, and Wormtail were and that’s kind of important. Towards the end I kept waiting for him to ask). I mean they put things together seamlessly and nicely.  GO WATCH IT. NOW. Is it weird if I thought Proffesor Lupin was strangely attractive?

Friday, September 02, 2005


Mr. V wasn’t here today because of jury duty, so we spent 20 minutes moving the computers out of the auditorium. So here I am..in the computer lab.

Final schedule

(3)-4-5 AP Chemistry – Coulter [he’s actually pretty nice..]


6-7 Lunch/ Breakfast. Whatever. It’s too early.

(8)-9-10 Pre-Cal1H- Chan [he spends his free time playing video games and has his t.a play for him during class.]

11-12 Novel- Arber [he scares me..but it’s an interesting class]

14-15 French 3H [WOW. My least favorite class. Luckily I’m not the only one that has no idea what Mme. Puretz is saying..I SUCK AT FRENCH.]

16-17-(18) AP US History -Shure [she’s nice..but kind of boring. plus we have to do CHAPTER OUTLINES!! TWO CHAPTERS A WEEK AND NO ONE WANTS TO PAIR UP WITH ME BECAUSE OF MY BAD HANDWRITING]

19-20 Theater Tech – Mr. V [ahhhhhhhhhh my favorite class..the only thing i look forward to. i love love this class]

that’s it. i guess it’s not so bad. my teachers are nice. i like my classes [with the exception of french]. i don’t have a lot of homework [for now]. we’re going to take a field trip the day before my birthday for theater tech [a.c.t play]. there’s no school on monday. so yeahhhhhhhh…everything’s okay, i guess.

p.s did you know our school’s number two in california? neither did i, but they mentioned it in the freshmen orientation skit. weird.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

okay so i now have a complete schedule.

i no longer have coulter with weiya, theresa, and patrick [tear], instead i have dr. marten with miranda, garnet, and jenny [yay]. dr. marten is so boring! oh man. his voice is so quiet..it’s almost like a lullaby and it doesn’t help that he turns off the lights when he does his powerpoint lectures. only perk : I GET TO EAT HURRAH.

i also have mr. fahey for pre-cal 4-5. oh my god. this guy is so weird. on friday, i forgot to bring my book so that he could get my book number. when i told him he asked me where i lived and how fast i run. HE WANTED ME TO RUN HOME SO I COULD GET MY BOOK SO GET COULD GET A NUMBER. A NUMBER. A NUMBER. what the hell. and then he asks me if i have a notebook, i gesture to the notebook in front of me and then he has this really annoyed look on his face. “Cynthia, if you don’t get organized, you’re going to sink like a rock in this class.” UH OKAY. WHATEVER.

during his lecture, he suddenly starts talking about how he let his advanced algebra class from last year take a nap because “they all looked brain dead.” then he tells this dude to turn of the lights and we’re all thinking he’s going to let us nap…but then…he starts taking off his teacher’s union t-shirt..and everyone’s like “WTF.” he then gets behind the overhead projector screen thingy and emerges wearing his moon t-shirt [who wears two t-shirts at once?]. “IS IT WORKING? HUH?” and then we realize that his t-shirt is supposed to glow in the dark. needless to say, it didn’t work and he was very disappointed. jeez. who does that?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i finally got my permit. HAHAHAHA.
but i’ve got to wait till i’m 18 to get my license. ARGH! now i wish my birthday didn’t occur so late in the year.OHMYGOD.
less than two months till we graduate/finish high school!!
i’m sad….? but kind of happy at the same time. i don’t know…it’s kind of weird thinking about attending a school that’s not lowell.

okay so i either have a major cold or super bad allergies.

i still check out collegeconfidential.com even though everyone’s like “WHY ARE YOU STILL ON THAT WEBSITE?!” because i’m addicted. duh. plus i feel less nervous when i go there…? i don’t know.
i just finished reading the 19 page thread on what to bring to college and i actually got excited [weird].

still don’t know where i want to go.
tie between uci and ucd
i’ve decided to appeal to ucsd.
ahh i want to be in socal.

biking seems to be a necessity for ucdavis so over spring break i had to “relearn” how to ride a bike. i did okay…i mean, i only had problems starting. there were several times, however, where i almost crashed into fences, other people, etc. i did not get injured riding the bike, surprisingly, rather it was that damn razor scooter!


it was embarassing.

There are waaaaaay more posts that truly show you how much of a loser I was back in high school (lots of emo posts…and I mean, literally, posts about emo music) so I will spare those of you who clicked on this entry. Hopefully, this post reminded you of how great it was to not have statuses and tweets and how as a result, you were able to blab on and on about your day without feeling embarrassed about it because it was actually fun to read about all of your friends’ days at school. Yes, I stalked people online before Facebook and MySpace. Yes, I’m probably FB stalking you right now.

(Oh, for those of you who did have Xanga, remember how you could customize your blog with a scrolling message or a song that autoplayed? I used to think that was so cool, but I’ve just realized how annoying that must have been. Apologies to anyone who had to endure that on my Xanga and listen to songs like this or this.)


2 thoughts on “R.I.P Xanga//Some Gems From My Own Xanga

  1. Ahaha this is AMAZING.

    “Thank god his show airs at 3 when I’m still at school” Because otherwise you would HAVE to watch it!

    “say my eyesight got worst so she can get more money……(I need a new pair of glasses…get it??)..” No, definitely did not get that. WAY too subtle for me.

    “14-15 French 3H [WOW. My least favorite class. Luckily I’m not the only one that has no idea what Mme. Puretz is saying..I SUCK AT FRENCH.]” YOU ARE EVERY HIGH SCHOOL NOVEL EVER.

    “YES THAT’S RIGHT I FELL OFF A RAZOR SCOOTER. LIKE FACE FORWARD.” That could’ve been written yesterday, couldn’t it.

    Basically what I’m saying is that high school you was wonderful and you should never change.

    • HAHAH Thank you Ingrid! ❤ Did the French class quote make you think of 'The Princess Diaries'? Looking back on it now that totally could've been lifted from a Meg Cabot book.

      LOL that scooter incident is infamous…my friend reminds me all the time and YES it probably could've been written yesterday.

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