Thank God You’re Here…Where’ve you been?

Up until this point, this wordpress blog was temporarily used as a place to vent and post when I had disabled my facebook. I’ve decided to change things up and turn this into a pop culture-y blog, with a hint of random musings. Everyone says to write what you know and what do I know? Movies, television shows, celebrity gossip, unimportant facts, trivia, music, things no one cares about, etc. I’m not going to claim that I know everything there is to know about pop culture, because I definitely know there are people out there who out there who have crazy scary knowledge about all there is to know about pop culture (freaks!…I mean, the people I aspire to be). So here we go, my take films, television shows, music, and more!

I think it would be nice to start with the title of my blog/this post. The quote, “Thank God you’re here…where’ve you been?” is taken from the hilarious Australian show, Summer Heights High. Written and produced by Chris Lilley, the show follows three characters at the school, Mr. G, Jonah Takalua, and Ja’mie King. All three characters are played by Lilley to perfection. As Mr. G, the catty drama teacher at Summer Heights High, Lilley shows off his amazing dancing and singing skills in various musical sequences and rehearsals. The final episode with the musical that Mr.G works on all throughout the series is one of the funniest scenes from the entire show. Lilley is also hilarious as Jonah, a teenage Polynesian boy at the school who has to deal with breakdance fights with year 7s, controlling school officials, and teachers who don’t seem to care. Jonah’s story is the most heartbreaking in the series as we see what happens at school through the eyes of a teenager catalogued as a bully, but may really need a person who believes in him (I swear, it’s not as cheesy as I may it sound!). Perhaps, Lilley’s best character is Ja’mie King – the bitchy, blunt, “private school girl” who is at SHH as an exchange student from Hillford Grammar. Lilley plays Ja’mie perfectly; she is that mean girl at every high school. What makes Ja’mie gut bustingly hilarious, instead of offensive, is the fact that she is so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe anyone would ever say this to another person in real life.

Here are a few clips, introducing each of the characters:




Summer Heights High is one of my absolute favorite shows and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a show that’s smart, funny, and in some ways, touching. There are 8 episodes and each episode is about 25 minutes so it’s not a huge time commitment either! If, after watching SHH, you want more Chris Lilley (and who wouldn’t after watching that man sing, dance, and have panic attacks), check out his other shows We Can Be Heroes (the origin of Ja’mie King) and his newest project, Angry Boys.