End of Year Playlist + A Few Musical Highlights

The other day my friend me sent me this article, which lists several reasons why twentysomethings should find and invest in a “side hustle.” That is, find some sort of side activity, business, or interest that will allow you to explore your passions, flex your creativity, and/or (hopefully) bring in extra cash, all while you buckle down and begin your journey into that scary world of first jobs and life without the safety nets of college and your parents. We were inspired after hearing how our other friend had made a shit ton of cash simply by operating her own little side business creating and selling these beautiful hand-beaded bracelets. While I doubt I’d ever have the artistic flair or patience to painstakingly put together something someone out there would ever pay for, our conversation and the article made me think of my own passions and interests. What could I claim as my own “side hustle”? I feel like I’ve dabbled in so many different things, but have never found that TRUE PASSION of mine. I’ve always had an interest in music, movies, and television, as well as the other aspects of pop culture, so much so that I’ve gone on to study media in grad school. But that activity clearly isn’t going to bring in the cash, at least, not yet. So while I continue praying that my get rich side hustle will easily fall into my lap, I will go back to blogging and exploring my interests without pay. To be honest, I do consider this blog, despite my inability to update regularly, my side hustle. I created this page in attempt to both create a “professional” web presence and an outlet where I could challenge myself to focus and discuss my interests without slipping into tangents about what I did that day or what my class schedule looks like (see: my xanga). So. I will now give my beloved blog the half-yearly attention it deserves and update it NOW.

Let’s start with this music round-up post for 2013. Firstly, here’s a nice Spotify playlist of my favorite tracks from 2013. I realize that some of these songs technically came out in 2012, but I complied this list based on what I found myself enjoying or repeatedly listening to this year (RIP repeatyoutube btw).

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Phoenix Documentary!!!

I’m a big fan of the French band Phoenix. Their pop-rock tunes will have you tapping your feet and humming for days. Their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is one of my most played records and was my travel soundtrack for months (aka I played it whenever flying, busing, taking the train, etc). Even today, as I walk almost a mile back from my internship to my dorm, I constantly blast “1901” or “Lasso”. The entire album pumps me up even after a long day. Recently, it’s been announced that the band is coming out with a tour documentary that captures the almost two years the band spent touring in support of their breakout album. It’ll be released on French and German TV this week, according to The AV Club , but no word on if and when the documentary will be made available to those of us in the States. In the meantime enjoy the trailer for what will sure be a cool, French look at band and tour life.

And if you want more Phoenix, check out a few of my favorite songs from the band!