“The Artist”!!!

I really should be better about blogging, especially since I now have ample time on my hands, but I just had to make a quick post about The Artist.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

If you haven’t heard of this fantastic movie, it’s not too late to look into it now. The Artist recently won Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) at the Golden Globes and lead Jean Dujardin won for Best Actor. After hearing so much about this film and seeing the various clips in the 2011 film recaps (this one was my favorite: “2011: The Cinescape“), I had to see what everyone was raving about. And unlike most things that are often hyped up and inevitably fail to deliver, The Artist manages to live up to high expectations. I don’t think I say this very often, but this movie is just delightful to watch. If you haven’t heard about the film or watched the trailer by now (which you can do so here), you may be a bit surprised to know it’s a silent film and rarely ever uses sound diegetically. This may take some time getting used to (at least for me because I think I’ve only watched maybe one or two silent films before this), but after a while, you get used to the way the story unfolds. Rather than relying on dialogue, the film conveys the majority the plot through physical acting, and it really speaks to the talent of both Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo, who manage to carry the film without uttering a word.

The Artist is a great tribute to film and that golden era of Hollywood, when films relied on the charm of its leading actors and actresses and not so much on special effects or the hottest trend in young adult fiction. Like many have mentioned before, Michel Hazanavicus definitely should be recognized for creating a film that attempts to recreate that lost magic in 2012. I’m not an expert at all in film and truthfully, I’ve only taken one film history class, but I was able to spot a few homages to the movies of yesteryear (besides, of course the whole fact that it’s a silent film!), so that was a bit exciting. I’d also like to mention that the soundtrack is wonderful and it’s all on Spotify so you have no excuse not to check it out! Really, what is a silent film, without great music?

So long story short: Do yourself a favor and check out The Artist. It is absolutely lovely.

ALSO! I decided that I might try one of those film challenges and whilst searching for one, I found the “250 Films” challenge (seriously, there’s now way I can do the 365 Films…a movie a day?! I can’t even get myself to snap a picture once a day…). I’m going to try this one out because it sounds doable and I’m always up for challenging myself (really I have no excuse…I have nothing going on). Anyway, here’s that challenge!

“250 Films” from here
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Your top 50 movies, you’ll rewatch this year.

50 New Movies
Movies you’ve never watched before.

50 Pre-codes
Pre-code films are early sound-era classics, most of them are last a little longer than an hour.

50 Silents
50 Silent movies, every movie fan should at least have some knowledge in early films.

50 Foreign Movies
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Adding The Artist to New Movies. 🙂